Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time to Say Goodbye: Ian White

Ian White was a player who never really gave up. Despite faltering at times, being benched and suffering through many bad hairstyles, (I remember one year he had it blonde and possibly spiky. EEP!), Ian White became something of a pet favourite to a lot of us Leafs fans (not all, but a lot of us).

Great Moments in WWoLD History (in no real order):

you can find all labeled adventures here, but some of my choices: Taught Grabovski English...was a great guy at the Year End Leafer some things about Luke Schenn that cannot be unread...REALLY LIKED ICE CREAM...had a major sad when Carlo Colaiacovo left...went chupacabra hunting for "It's a Wendelful Life"...tried to be Matt Stajan's BFF...had some kickass Halloween Costumes...tried to help Carlo Colaiacovo's bones heal...and SPOILER ALERT did not survive the lighthouse in "Leafer Madness".

Also, this isn't mine, but...Ian White Porn Star:

What I Learned From Ian White:

I learned to not give up, no matter how long you're benched. I also learned the best way to protest something is to grow a bitchen stache.


CGLN said...

Good bye White_Lightning, hope to see you back some day.

Loser Domi said...

so long, and best of luck


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