Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friday Youtube Yoinkage: January 14, 2010

Good Lord, I'm a slacker. In honor of me being lazy as hell and failing at blogging, this week's theme is Brett Lebda

In clip one, a drunken Brett Lebda talks to a reported after the Red Wings won the Stanley cup. Did you notice how much he was making a HUGE effort to not just stare at her chest?

In clip two, Brett Lebda has some sort of feature about him. Highlights include how disappointed the kids are to meet him. You know the coach trumped that up and got the kids all excited to meet a real NHLer, only to bring in Brett Lebda. What a sadistic coach.

Did you notice how the two clips I posted are of Brett Lebda as a Red Wing, and how there's nothing on him as a Leaf? There's a reason for that--highlight clips of Brett Lebda as a Leaf don't exist. The best thing I could find was this parody interview, which I'm not sure is that much of a parody. Highlights include Brett Lebda's views on love (spoiler alert: it's titties), and making fun of Old Man Chelios.


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