Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All-Time Special Halloween Goodness

In my effort to make my comics more readable, I am trying out different formats for posting. This time, I tried isolating rows of drawings so that in order to read the comic, all you have to do is (hypothetically) scroll across, instead of down and across at the same time.

Today's comic was a rush job, as I got the idea yesterday and had to put it up here TODAY in order for the joke in panel 2 to work. And, while I do realize that I used the word "available" three times, I know that it was a rush job. This one is about how to cheer on your favourite team without getting your ass kicked if you are in a rival area.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No, I Didn't Put a Cover Sheet on...

MEMO: Toronto Maple Leafs:

When re-encating the curb stomping scene from American History X, it is OK for you to play the role of Edward Norton instead of the black guys every once in a while.

Yours Truly,

Kim (Loser Domi)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Not That I Have Anything Against It...

I'm still trying to figure out a suitable format to do these in. For this one I tried to take a picture of each panel, but loading them was too much of a hassle and arranging them was really annoying. Luckily, this one is all of 5 panels long, so it won't be too bad to read. In case you can't read the third panel, it says, "Warning: Yelling out Japanese words WILL NOT give you super powers, despite what you see in cartoons." I apologize for cutting that off.
And by the way, I'm not terribly well-versed in anime, but I do love the Hellsing series.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Youtube Keeps Me From Having to Put Effort Into Posts

First off, my apologies for not updating nearly often enough. I'm just dealing with a lot of crap right now between university work, personal/family issues, and the like. In addition, this weekend is Halllowe'en weekend, so I anticipate lots and lotsa drunken debauchery, which means probably not much posting. Instead, I present to you 3 of my favorite Youtube clips that I can somehow finagle a way to get them to be about hockey. As always, enjoy!

Clip one: Tie Domi on "The Rick Mercer Report":
Well, it's Tie Domi, so the hockey connection pretty much explains itself. The "ooh--pussy willow!" line gets me every single time. However, I can never get the friggin' napkin flower to come out.

Clip two: (possibly NSFW due to 3 seconds of naked man ass) Gunther and the Sunshine Girls: "Ding Ding Song (You Touch my Tra-la-la)":
Well, Gunther is Swedish, and Swedish people like hockey, therefore, using a "Six Degrees of Separation"-type rule, Gunther = hockey. Plus gorgeous women, so it's all good. What I mean is, I'm a straight woman, but Sunshine Girls...holy hotness, Batman!

Clip three: Elmo's World- Behind the Scenes
The only connection I can make is that I imagine this is how Jeremy Roenick is behind the scenes from reading Barry Melrose Rocks ( all the time:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get That Boy a SAMMICH!

Here's a short post just to satiate you guys. Imagine my perplexity when I checked the Yahoo coverage of tonight's Atlanta Thrashers/Toronto Maple Leafs game and discovered this tidbit under scoring information:

2nd Period
Toronto1:12, Hal Gill 1 (unassisted)

That's right, folks--Hal Frackin' Gill scored a goal. And unassisted, nonetheless. Ive always thought of Hal Gill scoring in the same light as watching a really fat football player who somehow catches the ball and runs for a touchdown--nobody expects it to happen, including the other players, and when he's done, nobody knows what to think except "GET THAT BOY A SAMMICH!" Just because he's done more than anyone ever expected of him. (but maybe that's just me)

By the way, this picture was the first image that came up when I did a Google search for "sammich" Stolen from: ) I find it amusing.
^Hal Gil after tonight's game (Leafs lost in a shootout, by the way. )

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pedestrian Patrol--A New Hero During Uncertain Times

Howdy ho, Domiteers! I have a little bit of a story/rant behind today’s post. You see, a friend of mine was telling me how the campus security was starting to issue tickets to people who were jaywalking on campus grounds. I will be honest—we aren’t that big of a school. We have a maximum of 2000 students, and the campus itself can be crossed by foot in about twenty minutes. Cars are only supposed to go about 20 kilometers per hour, and even if they don’t they usually see the pedestrian and stop.

This post is basically just a rant about how much it sucks being a pedestrian in Québec and how the campus security would (theoretically) start cracking down on students crossing the road any where they want. The French word for a pedestrian is piéton, which sounds suspiciously like the English word peon*, which is what you are in Québec if you are a pedestrian. Unlike lots of other students, I’ll actually wait for the cars to stop for me before I cross the road. I do this not out of courtesy or empathy for the drivers, but so I don’t get killed. I’ve got some things do to and being flattened by a Dodge Stratus isn’t one of them.

* = but with a “t” in the middle and an extra vowel sound

In case you can't read the pictures, just click on them and follow the panels like a normal comic book.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Gary "Betty" Bettman in a Cast

Sweet Jesus, I wish I had a picture of this. According to AP, stolen via Yahoo! sports (slightly modified by me for space issues):

"NHL commissioner Gary Bettman recovering from tendon surgery on left arm

October 18, 2007

BOSTON (AP) -- Talk about a tough league. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman showed up at Thursday night's game between the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning with a cast on his left arm. Asked whether he had dropped the gloves against one of the league's enforcers, Bettman said he actually had tendon surgery on Monday. He then joked, "It's a result of reporters asking (stupid) questions." (...)

John M. Heller/Getty Images, stolen from

He went on to say that he "gave good grades" to the season so far, especially the London games between Anaheim and LA. Now, you can say what you want to say about Bettman's opinion of the London game (personally, I think it was nuts, but hey, what do I know?) The thing that stood out to me was the stupid reporters comment. I have no idea what he meant--what in the FUCK could he possibly be doing to reporters that would require him to get tendon surgery? Even though I don't know Bettman, he doesn't seem like the "Bitch, respect my authouritah!" type. He doesn't even look like Cartman (stolen without permission from here:

Gary--can I call you Gary?--you gotta clam down, light some candles or something. Reporters will always ask stupid questions. Guess I better get my bitch-ass in the kitchen and make him some pie. I wouldn't want Gary Bettman givin' me the ol' "five across the eyes". Actually, pie sounds pretty great right about now, but, alas, I haven't the time to make one.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's growing everywhere...

Ok, Domiteers, the "300" thing took quite a bit of work, and I felt like I could get away with a one-joke pun. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sequel Time Part two

Ok, so sorry about not updateing sooner. Blogger was acting wonky last night, so to make up for the wait, I'm putting up both the second and third pages now. As always, enjoy!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sequel Time part 1

First of all, I apologize for having to do this entry and others in the way I have to post them. I don't have a scanner, and the one at the library doesn't seem to like me. As a result, I am left with having to draw the posts on paper and then I take pictures of all of the panels and post them on here. Click on the images to read them better.

Anyway, this one is how to do a sequel to "300", a movie where almost everyone dies at the end. As always, enjoy!(Note: in the last panel, the bottom is supposed to read 'coming this summer.)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ed Belfour's New Job?

Today’s post is inspired by one of my favourite Photoshops ever (stolen from Facebook’s “Hockey Night in Canada” group. You’ll find it below:

I pretty much traced the Photoshop Phun for the first panel, but probably the hardest part was drawing Eddie from memory. Enjoy!

Here are some close-ups if you can't read it:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Your Obligatory Introduction Post

Hey, guys! The name’s Loser Domi. That's me last Halloween. Consider me you average slacker college student just trying to amuse herself on the Internet. I may seem random at times all while trying to be “cool” and “funny.”

A wee bit o’ bio information: I come from a small town (1000~1300 people) in Vermont and am now in a university in Québec studying for a degree which I will probably never use (French.) To quote a person much awesomer than I am:

Greetings, party people in the place to be! I am called [Loser Domi]! Hand over all your moneys in a paper and/or plastic bag!...Dudes, form a line to my right for high fives! Like I said, I'm [Loser Domi]. I've been described as cool, awesome, hot, video games…and real real hot.

Text stolen from: . I hope they don’t mind. It isn’t stealing if I quote and give credit to the source, is it? Ah well…

For future reference, I will:

  • Post whenever I feel like posting
  • Curse like a sailor. FUCK YEAH!!
  • Use American and British spelling interchangeably
  • Use puns a lot. Hells bells, the blog's name is a pun.

I will not:

  • Post regularly. I may do a mess of posts one day and then not update for a week.
  • Engage in mindless team bashing, unless the team in question is the Boston Bruins. (I keed, I keed…or do I?)
  • Pose naked.
  • Be/act professional. I mean, come on—I’m just a college student writing this for shits and giggles, not a professional writer or graphic artist or whatever.
  • Provide any analysis you should listen to. I probably won’t provide anything new. Alex Ovechkin is a great player. This just in: water is wet and Napoleon was on the short side.

Here are some of the topics you can look forward to me writing about: hockey, losers, stupid people/things, movies my (lack of) artistic ability, my (lack of ) comedic material, rants, nerd jokes and reference, pretending to be other people, the list probably goes on…

So there you go. Have fun, kiddos.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Result of a Request...(or filler until I get around to writing the introductory post)

This past summer, one of the fine folks over at Melt Your Face Off (find them here: ) requested that the Toronto Maple Leafs change their sweater to be a pot leaf, even if for just one year. Look up the post yourself--I'm far too lazy to do so.
So anyway, I took it upon myself to create what this might look like, I know I have no drawing ability, but here it is anyway.

Yeah that’s from August. I’m lazy, I know. And I know I can’t draw worth anything, but hey—this is all given for free. So there.

I even have a justification for using this as a real jersey: back around the ‘20s or so, the Toronto Maple Leafs were known as the Toronto St Pats, whose team colors were green and white ( ) instead of the blue and white we see today. Add this to the “throwback” style third jersey we see today (here and here: ) and you tell me that wouldn't look like a pot leaf! By the way, Googling for an image of “Toronto St. Pat’s” has taken a bit of my soul away. I apologize for not having pictures of a jersey, but after looking for half an hour, I give up


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