Sunday, January 27, 2008

Leafer Madness, part 4

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Part two
Part three

(Late at night on the island, JASON BLAKE and MATS SUNDIN are walking along the edge of the island where there is a sharp drop-off towards the sea. They have their bags, but they do not have their weapons out.)

BLAKE: Mats, I just…don’t know what to do here. I mean, I don’t think that I could kill anybody ever. Then again, I can’t really trust anyone here.

SUNDIN: I know what you mean. I’ve known most of these guys for years and the idea of them with weapons scares the hell out of me. Tucker…(shudders)

BLAKE: There’s one thing that I know for sure: I’m never going to play this game. (Throws bag containing weapon and supplies over the edge of the cliff)

SUNDIN: I won’t play, either. (He goes close to the edge of the cliff to throw off his bag, but he steps on a loose rock and falls. BLAKE attempts to grab his hand, but in doing so, he falls as well.)

(ANDREW RAYCROFT, armed with hand grenades, is half-hidden an alone at the edge of a field. In the distance, he sees VESA TOSKALA who is armed with a crossbow. TOSKALA becomes aware that someone is watching him and he raises his crossbow in self-defense. )

TOSKALA: I know that someone is out here. You should show yourself now.

RAYCROFT: Nobody’s watching you, Tosk

TOSKALA: I should have known it was you, Raycroft. Hiding in the dark like the cowardly King of Suckitude you are.

RAYCROFT: I won’t hurt you, Tosk. I mean, we’re fellow goalies, we can be friends—

TOSKALA: Liar! I wouldn’t trust you with anything, least of all my life, Raycroft. Or should I say GAYcroft?(fires an arrow and misses)

RAYCROFT: Did you think of that all by yourself or did your mommy have to help you? (Throws grenade, which TOSKALA kicks far enough away that its explosion doesn’t harm him.)

TOSKALA: Watch this: (as loud as he can) HEY EVERYBODY: GOALIE FIGHT! (The island falls silent)

RAYCROFT: Your shooting sucks more than your glove save you strained nutsack! (throws grenade, which lands near TOSKALA, but the explosion only harms him slightly)

TOSKALA: You can kiss my strained nutsack! I bet that you would like it too, GAYzor. (fires another arrow, which pierces RAYCROFT at the base of the throat. RAYCROFT weakly throws another grenade, which lands and explodes nowhere near its target. He then gurgles more blood and dies slowly. A self-satisfied TOSKALA continues on his way, but MARK BELL appears from the woods behind TOSKALA.)

BELL: You’re a pretty good shot, Tosk. (holds up assault rifle.) But…I think I’m a better shooter. (He shoots TOSKALA dead, steals TOSKALA’s crossbow and arrows, goes to RAYCROFT’s corpse and steals his remaining grenades. He disappears into the woods on the opposite edge of the field.)


8 to go


Jaredoflondon said...

Tucker, Bell, Make-A-Wish, McCabe, Kaberle, Pony, Antro and Kubina. Left.

Ooo, its getting even better.
I'm not sure who I want to even win though.

Loser Domi said...

Ooo, its getting even better.
I'm not sure who I want to even win though.

I know...but all of this deciding who lives and dies is kinda fun hehehe

PPP said...

I know how it'll end. Make-A-Wish survives because he has shown time and time again that he sold his soul to the devil in order to remain a Maple Leaf.

How selfish. He should have at least asked for one Stanley Cup.

Loser Domi said...

For all you Make-a-Wish fans out there, I have a very special outcome for him in store. Stay tuned!

Raskolnikov said...

Good thing Bell didn't have a Molotov Cocktail. That would violate his probation.

Loser Domi said...

@Raskolnikov: + 1 shot


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