Saturday, January 12, 2008

Secret project REVEALED!

Secret project REVEALED!

I know that I mentioned something about a “Secret project" that I would be working on over the holiday break. Here it is: “Battle Royale” with the cast of Japanese students replaced with the Toronto Male Leafs! Here are a few disclaimers that I feel like I should get out of the way first:

1: This is totally fiction…at least I hope Gary Bettman doesn’t resort to this.
2: I had the players swear a bit more than I usually do. My theory was, they would be so busy killing each other that clean language would be the last thing on their minds.
3: I don’t know any of the people used personally—some of the personalities of the players I’ve gleaned from various interviews, but much of it comes straight from my imagination.
4: I also have nothing to do with the makers of “Battle Royale”
5: I am not doing this to harm, insult, etc. anyone—as I said in number 1, this is just an exercise in fiction. It’s more of an idea of “Hey, I wonder what would happen if…” than anything else.
6: Nobody gave me permission to do this. Then again, I never asked for permission in the first place.
7: Feel free to play Lazydork’s “Battle Royale” drinking game while reading this, if you are so inclined. If you’re going to do so:
a. Any harm you bring about yourself is your own damn fault
b. Ignore rules 4, 5, 6, and 7. Add in “take a drink every time a character makes a reference to another work (TV show, Movie, song, etc.)” I’ll start you off with two such examples:
1: The whole thing is a rip on “Battle Royale”
2: The Title is a rip on the film “Reefer Madness”

8: Most importantly of all, I want you guys to have fun reading it. It was fun writing it, even if it was hard to do. (And I still need to finish it off.) I'm probably going to use this to replace the Wednesday Snarky joke. As always, thanks for dropping by!


Greener said...

Sounds great. So where is it?

Loser Domi said...

DO you mean "where does it take place?" or "where is the project itself?"

Where it takes place: imaginary, deserted,tropical-ish island, doesn't matter

Where the project itself is: on my computer; it'll be issued in a serial format. It should take several weeks if I do one "chapter" a week. Hope that helps


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