Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday YouTube Yoinkage: Decmber 7, 2007

OK, Domiteers, This is actually going to be the last of the YouTube Yoinkage for about a month. I’m going home to Vermont on Sunday, and while I’m stoked to be home, it means a poor internet connection that can’t handle YouTube. I’ll still be updating, but not as frequently. I do have a project I’d like to do over the break, but you’ll just have to wait and see. So today, it’s the so-called holiday special version of Friday YouTube Yoinkage.

I throw this one in mainly because this starts what appears to be Frosty’s Québécois cousin:

For screwing up “O Holy Night” in ways Eric Cartman only wishes he could, STRONG BAD!:

All I can think this has to do with hockey is that one of the fine folks over at Deadspin linked to it. Plus it’s a rather catchy tune:

The Charlie Brown Christmas special as interpreted by the cast of “Scrubs” shown with the video from the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Got it? Good. You oughta know.

So I'll see you guys around. And by guys, I mainly mean Greener. I shall return! (but I won't really be gone)


Greener said...

I don't suppose you'll be able to watch the games at home, right?

Loser Domi said...

Only if by "games at home" you mean "Patriots games". Although I think they start showing games on NBC (also no cable in addition to shabby web) starting in January, but I don't know when. Besides, that would only be Rangers games anyway. =) I'll keep up with scores, etc, plus the "secret project", so no worries.


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