Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Beer Run of Horror, part 1

(SCENE: At DION PHANUEF’s place decorated for a Halloween party. PHANUEF is dressed as the “My New Haircut” guy, while ELISHA CUTHBERT is dressed as a sexy nurse. )

ELISHA CUTHBERT: Are you sure we have everything we need for the party?
DION PHANEUF: Of course we do. Being prepared is one of the reasons they made me captain.
CUTHBERT: It’s just we haven’t done a big party like this at the place before. I’m a bit nervous about having all the guys here.
(PHIL KESSEL and TYLER BOZAK enter, dressed as Bill and Ted, respectively)
TYLER BOZAK: Hey, are we early?
PHANEUF: A little bit, but it’s ok.
KESSEL: Dude, you told us to be here at 8, so we’re here.
CUTHBERT: It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Here, maybe you guys can help me hang these lights. I’m not quite tall enough to do it.
BOZAK: Dion’s taller than both of us….
PHANEUF: Elisha, I told you earlier, the guys aren’t really gonna care about the lights. We’ll be too busy drinking beer and giving each other shit about our costumes.
KESSEL: I really like your costume, Elisha. It’s really nice. It really shows off your, uh…niceness. (PHANEUF glares)
BOZAK: What? It’s a really great boobs—I mean, costume.
PHANEUF: You’re on thin freakin’ ice. Even if your costumes rock.
KESSEL: I know, right? It’s all Bozie’s idea. He said I could be Bill because he’s the smart one.
BOZAK: Nah, I said Bill was the cool one. Ted is clearly the smart one. (TOMAS KABERLE enters, dressed as Andrew W.K.)
BOZAK: Hey Kabs! Cool costume!
PHANEUF: Wow, Kabbie, I didn’t know you liked Andrew W.K.
TOMAS KABERLE: I am glad you like it.
KESSEL: How’d you get such great looking fake blood?
KABERLE: It’s not fake blood. I hit myself in the face with a brick so I would feel pain again.
CUTHBERT: That’s, uh, cool...I guess.
CUTHBERT: What wrong, babe?
PHANEUF: I just realized we forgot to get beers for the party!
CUTHBERT: How the hell did we forget that?!
KESSEL: So is it beer run time?
PHANEUF: It looks it.
BOZAK: Phil and I can come with you! We can help carry stuff!
KABERLE: I will stay here and make sure that people will stay if they come.
PHANEUF: That sounds like a good idea.

Stay tuned for part 2!


kidkawartha said...

I can't wait for the Bert Bozak/Ernie Kessel edition.

Hostpph said...

"My New Haircut", I don't know if I understand that kind of costume. I think that you need to be more clear.


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