Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maple Leafs Chat: The Camp Prank

***Welcome to the Leafs’s locker room! ***
NOT_BOBBY: (WHISPERED) Luke, check out Versteeg’s stall, it’s gonna be great!
SchennSational: What? Why?
NOT_BOBBY: Shh! Shh! Here he comes!
NOT_BOBBY: /giggles
Versteeglicious: Who the hell put shaving cream in my shoe?
NOT_BOBBY: /laughing madly
SchennSational: Dude…seriously?
NOT_BOBBY: So Kris, how are those skates treating you?
Versteeglicious: Well, they felt ok, but they’ve been better. They would have been better if I had my right-handed skate lace puller.
NOT_BOBBY: /giggles
NOT_BOBBY:  Wait, what?
Versteeglicious: Yeah, back in Chicago Marian Hossa brought over a right handed lace puller from Europe and we all ended up using them. And you know what happened then…
***Welcome to Canadian Tire Chat room! ***
NOT_BOBBY: Excuse me, do you have any right-handed lace pullers?
CANADIAN TIRE EMPLOYEE: Uh…my manager’s no here today….so….
NOT_BOBBY: Ah, fuck it
***Welcome to Grocery store chatroom! ***
NOT_BOBBY: Hey, do you sell right-handed lace pullers?
GROCERY STORE EMPLOYEE: What are you talking about?
NOT_BOBBY: Ah, fuck it
***Welcome to Hair salon chat room!***
NOT_BOBBY: Do you sell lace pullers?
WOMAN AT HAIR SALON: Sir, this is a hair salon!
NOT_BOBBY: ….fuck it, I need a haircut anyway.
***Welcome to I_RON_BUTTERFLY’S office! I_RON_BUTTERFLY is on the phone !***
I_RON_BUTTERFLY: I want his dog dead. His family, dead. I want (sees ORR)…listen, I’ll call you back.
I_RON_BUTTERFLY: /hangs up
I_RON_BUTTERFLY: So, Colton, what brings you here? Dead hookers? Punch the wrong guys?
NOT_BOBBY: Nah, Coach, do you know where I can find a right-handed lace puller? I’ve looked all over and I can’t find it anywhere.
I_RON_BUTTERFLY : How retarded are you? There’s no—
*** SchennSational has entered the chat room!***
SchennSational : Coach Wilson, do you know where I can find a right-handed lace puller? Versteeg said it was really helpful last year in Chicago.
NOT_BOBBY: I think Canadian Tire sells them.
SchennSational: Thanks, man!
*** SchennSational has left the chat room!***
I_RON_BUTTERFLY: The hell just happened?

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I don't really like that kind of jokes that they mess up with your stuff.


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