Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CONTEST! and other stuff

I figured I'd tie up some things here:

First off, Since the summer is really damn boring I am having a contest! It's the first ever Loser Domi's Slash Fic Summer! So get those twisted minds a-workin' on some NHL slashfic. Here are the rules:

1: You can keep it as tame or a saucy as you like.

2: It must involve at least one person with some sort of connection to hockey. This could be a player, a broadcaster, a writer or even a blogger. Perhaps you want to write about how players "relieve stress" while on the road? Maybe Pavel Kubina and Hugh Laurie get a little saucy at the International Hobo Beard convention? OR you want to figure out what Chemmy and PPP really do on their sexy vacations together? Go for it!

3: I'm putting a limit of 1000 words maximum per story.

4: (And this is crucial) Every entry MUST contain the following phrase: "'Oh' he/she/I said. All he/she/I could say was 'Oh'".

5: Email your entries to me at with either "contest" or "LD, you are soooo cool and I have daydreamed about kissing you" in the subject line.

6: I don't really have prizes, but I could send you some old textbooks I don't need anymore, or some random crap I find cleaning.

Second thing, I will be doing a "time to say goodbye" type series for the players who leave the Leafs for free agency (hobobeard... :/). Just give me a bit to work them out.


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Poor Hobobeard. You were in my thoughts today when I heard he was dealt.


Mattblack said...

"Pavel Kubina and Hugh Laurie"

Why do I get the feeling this one has already been drafted out, but will never leave your private collection?

McSwarley said...

How about if it's written entirely in lolspeak?

Loser Domi said...

eyebleaf: siiiiigh...but thanks anyway.

Mattblack: My "private collection" is almost all stuff that ended up not being funny at all. But it is a good idea...

McSwarley: Welcome! I dunno about LOLspeak. I have read "my Immortal" and that was not somethign I want to do again

AmyB said...

Are drunk entries acceptable? If so I may need to get on that this weekend.

Loser Domi said...

AmyB, drunk entries are always welcome. And it doesn't even have to be Leafs related--it can be for any team at all


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