Monday, June 30, 2008

Sundin Leaving the Leafs? Hold on, lemme fetch my cootie catcher...

With regards to Mats Sundin leaving/not leaving the Leafs, does anybody else feel like a battered wife on any episode of “Cops”? You know—“Oh, he didn’t mean to hit me officer, he’s a good man”—except for Leafs fans it’s more like “He didn’t mean to talk to Montréal, he only talks about leaving for a Cup when he’s been drinking!” Personally I just wish he’d quit dicking around and actually say what he’s going to do. In the meantime, much like funerals now “celebrate the life” instead of “mourn the death”, I figure there’s only one way to memorialize his time in Toronto—that’s right, a Dee Mirch style poetry slam!

“Captain in Rainbows”

You’re a wondrous man

I see you in the rainbows

With the angels

And your disproportionately hot wife

Even the thickest of clouds

Cannot obscure the shine of your halo

While you teach Jesus how to crosscheck

Flying on your wings of gold

Defying every law of physics known to man

In hearts

In rainbows

In magical mists

In beautiful songs of the angels



Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

beautiful. simply beautiful.

*a tear*

fuck i love sundin.

i'm going to get drunk tonight and think about all the good times, for he could be a former leaf next year.

Dave said...

sings: "fly hiiiiigh - lesbian seagull...."

Loser Domi said...

@eyebleaf: Don't stop bleafing...getting drunk sounds like fun. I just wish he'd stop Farving and do something we can react to

@WufPirate: The great Cornholio demands TP for his bunghole!


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