Thursday, February 7, 2008

JFJ post-firing suicide watch part 4

(JFJ is walking down a street and he happens upon a group of emo kids, well, being emo)

JFJ: So, uh…what are you kids doing?

EMO KID 1:We’re resisting the fakeness of our parents and of society

EMO KID 2: And I’m playing an acoustic version of Guns N’ Roses to be ironic

JFJ : Um, ok. So, I have a personal question: what’s with the cutting stuff?

EMO KID 1: That’s so we can relieve our emotional numbness

EMO KID 2: I know that if I cut myself enough eventually I can feel alive and I can punish myself for all the mistakes I’ve made

JFJ : Aw screw it (Takes out a small penknife and slits wrists)

EMO KID 1: Now how do you feel?

JFJ: GAH! I’m BLEEDING! My life isn’t any better— I’m still unemployed, people still hate me, and now I’m bleeding all over my shirt! Goddamn it! Screw you guys, I’m going home!



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