Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Phil Kessel Has a Sad (Time To Say Goodbye: Loser Domi [for real this time])

PHIL KESSEL: Ahhh geez, it’s been a rough couple of weeks.
LOSER DOMI: I’ll say.
KESSEL: I’m not scoring at all, not matter how much I try and hustle.  And you’re, like, not even posting anymore.
LD: Yeah…about that…I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but I think I’m officially ending this site.
LD: Well, to be totally honest, I’m incredibly busy. I have a lot of work responsibilities, I may be getting into school again, and I even have what you might call a….”special buddy.”
KESSEL: You mean like me and Bozie? We’re awesome buddies!
LD:  It’s more than like what you have with Bozie. Even if you like hanging out and playing video games with Bozak, there’s a lot of other stuff you wouldn’t do with him, right?

KESSEL:  Well, yeah, you know. Like, I wouldn’t live with him or—oh.  Are you talking about butt sex?’Cuz I would NEVER being doin’ that with Bozie.
LD:  No, Phil, not butt sex but….never mind, let’s just move on.
KESSEL: So why are you ending the blog?
LD: To be honest, I’m getting way too busy to maintain it. Plus, I feel like it’s gotten a lot less fun. It’s more work now than it ever was.  So, for the sake of my own sanity and out of fairness to all 12 people who read this thing, I don’t want it hanging over my head anymore.
KESSEL: Ah, geez. You’re quitting the internet forever? How will I read about Grabbo stabbing pineapples, or Brett  Lebda getting shot in the face?
LD:  Don’t worry: I’m not quitting the internet. I’ll still be over at Barry Melrose Rocks, writing about the whole league.  And I’ll always be over on Twitter. And there are always the archives.
KESSEL: You know how I feel about the Twitters.
LD: Yeah, yeah, I’ve watched the video a thousand times--stay offa Twitters:

KESSEL: So you’re leaving your own site?
LD: I am for the foreseeable future at least.  Who knows—I might be back later, when my real life allows more room for all of my online lives. But for now, WWoLD just has to go into retirement.
KESSEL: But you’re still on the Twitters and on the other site nobody reads?
LD: I’ll have you know that Barry Melrose Rocks has at least 20 readers!  There are the drinking games and Kevin crying about the Islanders. Sometimes we have video of wee school children falling down or fighting. It’s awesome.
KESSEL: Yeah, that Enforcer guy’s pretty good. Even if it’s just making fun of the Sedins and trying to rewrite Star Wars to be about Anze Kopitar.
LD:  I can still write about the Leafs in those two ways. I just won’t be running my own site anymore. See what I’m saying?
KESSEL: I do. It’s still kinda sad though.
LD: Not as sad as the fact my last real post –unless I start it back up—will be about Brett Lebda.
KESSEL: Brett Lebda is always sad.
LD: Yeah…
(really awkward pause)
KESSEL: So…uhh….do you wanna drink some beers and play Call of Duty with me and Bozie?
LD: I’m not much of a gamer, but beers sound like a fantastic idea.

Seriously though, thanks to the readers, the good people I’ve “met” while doing this, and MLSE for not suing me into the Stone Age. It’s been fun, and a great experience.  You can keep up with the madcap adventures on Twitter  and Barry Melrose Rocks


Crowbar Benson said...

Slow clap...
followed by single tear streaming down cheek...
Fade to black.

Robyn said...

Take your standing ovation. You did well here. I'm glad you'll still be on Twitter most game nights.

Go Leafs Go.

karina said...

Aw man LD! I never thought I'd see the day come! Thanks for the laughs...

Reasonable Doubt for a Reasonable Price said...

"KESSEL: Well, yeah, you know. Like, I wouldn’t live with him or—oh. Are you talking about butt sex?’Cuz I would NEVER being doin’ that with Bozie.
LD: No, Phil, not butt sex but….never mind, let’s just move on."

Window of opportunity: Open.

You did an amazing job on this site, and even after I left MYFO, it was always in my bookmarks to visit, especially for the Youtube Yoinkage. And I'm not just saying that because I'm the "special buddy." Job well done.

lambchops said...

Single tear? More like a waterfall for me. Thanks for you efforts LD, you always made me chuckle. I'll always have that "Money And Fame In Sports" vs. "Hot Bitches" graph in my memories.


Anonymous said...

You WILL be missed. Cheers.

Hostpph said...

it is a pity that you ended your site. but I have to admit that you did it in a great way

Naomi C said...

Nice blog thanks forr posting


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