Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday Youtube Yoinkage November 19, 2010

This week's theme is audience participation. 

Clip one is a crowd telling us all how DP sucks. Maybe they just haven't tried it.

Clip two is an Islanders fan getting doused with water at a Blue Jays game. Very odd, indeed.

Clip three has a description of "A compilation of fights between players in the penalty boxes, in the alleys, fighting with fans, etc." I can't really explain it that much clearer, exceot to add that the soundtrack is by Guns N' Roses. Enjoy!


elseldo said...

the Isles fan at a Jays game..isn't that from the firstpost-lockout year when the Isles eliminated the Leafs by beating NJ in a shoot out?

i'm pretty sure something worse than water also happened to that fan.

Guy was an idiot to wear that to the game.

Host Pay Per Head said...

Between fans you can find some interesting and funny people and even better the videos that they make.


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