Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday YouTube Yoinkage February 19, 2010

Hey, it's the return of what's supposed to be a weekly feature! Yay! This week's theme is hockey players in non-hockey places. 

Clip one is what looks like half of a pilot episode for a show about a kid who plays roller hockey in New York City. He gets help from a cartoon Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Lightning (yes, you read that right.) Then there's a bit with a stick that has a genie in it, but that doesn't really matter:

Clip Two is Tyler Kennedy and Kris Letang trying to be weather forcasters. You're welcome

Clip three: I can't seem to find this on youtube, but Wakiki Hockey has a clip of Wayne Gretzky on Saturday Night Live. The transcript is here for your reenactment pleasure. It's Wayne doing a rip on bad Elivs movies and hockey in Hawaii with "Wakiki Hockey"
As a special bonus, I'm going to include the intro to "Prostars" I may or may not be developing a small obsession with this show:

It's a shame this entire show only lasted one season AND it isn't all on DVD. It leaves so many questions unanswered: why do Michael Jordan's plans sounds so scientific, yet hold no water to anyone with any actual science knowledge? How much DOES "Bo Know"? And why doe Wayne Gretzky have the munchies all. the. TIME? I got questions, DiC, lots of questions.

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