Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to Maple Leafs Chat!

**Welcome to the Toronto Maple Leafs Team Chat room!**

StajanNotCajun: Alex, can I be honest?

Full_STEEN_Ahead: sure man u can tell me anything

StajanNotCajun: …I’m really ghonna miss kyle

Full_STEEN_Ahead: DAMMIT not again you’ve been bitchin about this all summer

StajanNotCajun:I kno, it’s just …he was my best friend, you kno? Now that he’s in Soveit league it feels like I’m never gonna see him again

Full_STEEN_Ahead: Soviet league? Dude, he’s in Vancouver!

StajanNotCajun: like I said, he’s in russia or some shit

Full_STEEN_Ahead: Vancouver’s in British Columbia, you knob!

StajanNotCajun: BRITISH Columbia? Shit man, that’s even farther than Russia.

Full_STEEN_Ahead: We play Vancouver! Well, not all the time, but a few times a year!

StajanNotCajun: aren’t those just like, exhibition games or something? Do they even count?

Full_STEEN_Ahead: look, people get placed on waivers all the time. Kyle’ll be fine. Just look at Dominic Moore.

StajanNotCajun: to be honest, that guy gives me the creeps

Full_STEEN_Ahead: yea he kinda does—what about Raycroft? He’s in Colorado now…somehow

StajanNotCajun: but the thought of Welley sucking that many dicks gives me nightmares

Full_STEEN_Ahead: right. Ewww

StajanNotCajun: what I need is a new best friend

Full_STEEN_Ahead: really? Um, ok. …..

StajanNotCajun: what?

Full_STEEN_Ahead: Thought it was me for a second, sorry

StajanNotCajun: I mean someone to go out with and stuff. Like don’t get me wrong, your awesome, but you’re married and you have offspring and such

Full_STEEN_Ahead: …is this conversastion going where I think it is?

StajanNotCajun: wait. WHAT???? no, leave the slash stuff for your live journal

StajanNotCajun: I mean like a wingman, you know? Someone who compared to me makes me look even prettier than I am

Full_STEEN_Ahead: uhhh…

StajanNotCajun: all the other guys on the squad are either not going out guys or they’re much much prettier than I am

Full_STEEN_Ahead: We have guys too pretty to be wingmen?

StajanNotCajun: tosk. Tlusty….actually that’s about it

Full_STEEN_Ahead: What about Ian?

StajanNotCajun: wel, compared to ian I’m both pretty AND smart. Only prob is I can’t think of any good times I could have riding the TTC with him

Full_STEEN_Ahead: you could always be the designated driver, you know

StajanNotCajun: FUCK THAT. Remember what he did to my car last time we tried that?

Full_STEEN_Ahead: yea. LOL

***Meanwhile in the Vancouver Canucks Chatroom***

Sherriff_of_Wellwood_Forest: *tortured sigh*

ThisLandIsOhlund: What now? are you thinking about that Stajun again?

Sherriff_of_Wellwood_Forest: He was my best friend, you know? Not to mention an excellent wingman

ThisLandIsOhlund: wait, what?

Sherriff_of_Wellwood_Forest: I mean, whenever I went out with him, I always looked like a billion times smarter just standing next to the guy. Even smarter than I already am lol

ThisLandIsOhlund: oh come on kyle, there’s lots of dumb ppl in vancouver

Sherriff_of_Wellwood_Forest: right, but will they want to hang out with me? Man, I’m so depressed .I'm gonna go listen to some Linkin Park and get myself a Dorotios and cookie dough ice cream sundae

ThisLandIsOhlund: that’s grosser than gross.


Jaredoflondon said...

"a Dorotios and cookie dough ice cream sundae"

That actually sounds kinda yummy.

Miss. Scarlett said...

First off, brilliant usernames for everybody. I knew Wellwood was a total geek.

elise said...

I keep forgetting Wellwood got traded to the Wild's division rival Canucks.

Just what I need more of in my life.

Loser Domi said...

jared: I know! Doesn't it?

Sherry: Sometimes coming up with the names is more fun/harder than writing the stuff

elise: He's only a threat if you keep the deep fried Mars bars away from him

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't say he's fine like moore..


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