Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bloggonation Nubbin' Rubbins

You know, I seriously love masturbation. It's relaxing, buckets of fun, plus there is zero risk of STDs or pregnancy. I thought I'd do a little blog eqvialent of nubbin' rubbin' and share some of the search terms used to find me. Usually people find me via other blogs who have me on their blogrolls (or pictures of Marc Andre Fleury), but the odd Google/Yahoo!/whatever search term still gets me people. I have also included my own reflections on the terms used.

Alex Steen wife--I'm pretty sure his real wife would actually kick my ass in a fair fight

"hot boss male intern"--Bow chicka bow wow! It'd probably go something like, "oh, I dropped a pencil, Let's fuck!"

Wonderful cock--good to see animal husbandry is still being encouraged

drawings cock--Oh, someone's looking for rooster artwrok. How nice!

domi lesbi (Dutch search)--Dammit! I need to close my window shades more often! (just kidding...or am I?)

jordan staal phone number--Gee, stalk much?

"loser gets pied in the face"--o...kay

female fight losers sucks cock--I'm sure jaredoflondon will have something interesting to say about this one...

I have a little cock--You know, that's ok! It's grear you're so comfortable with your body like that.

big saggy knockers--I always thought perkier was better. Also, someone once told me that "anything more than a mouthful is just waste."

give it to me so more domi
(French search)--Dis mon nom, conne, DIS MON NOM!

bong hit in towel
--Is this even possible? I imagine it'd really take down your buzz--I mean, not like I'd know about these sort of things anyway...

Mccabe of mccabe--I can't even make any sense out of this one, and it was an English language search. Damn

unibrow tit punching--Don't laugh--in some countires it's a national sport.

"john leclair" video cock--You know, I got to support a fellow Vermonter, but....pleasedon'texist, pleasedon'texist

bryan its over--Muahahahahaha!


wrap around curl said...

The other day one of the search terms I got was "how to curl a kids cock."
Uhmmmmm. I got nothing.

Unibrow tit punching. It's like I wanna know, but I don't wanna know...

Down Goes Brown said...

I have a little cock

Hey, cool. Welcome the Barilkosphere, JFJ!

Greener said...

Now THAT is an opening line.

Loser Domi said...

I'm glad so many people got a rise out of the opening line.

/dick joke


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