Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A NEW Motivation for the Leafs against the Islanders, Dec. 26, 2007

As Greener pointed out after the last motivation post, whenever I did full photo posts, you were wining. However, whenever I did “halfie” posts, you would almost win. Since I can’t upload or save pictures on this computer, I’m stuck with the halfie photos. So, I guess I’ll have to use extra text-based firepower to my posts. Simply the death stare isn’t working anymore.

To further scare you into winning, I’m going to try adding a short speech from someone who would scare me into winning, simply to not see them mad at me. (Kind of stealing a page out of PPP’s book, but not directly.) To start off, here is Kitano from Battle Royale.

No good, no good. That’s what this team has become. You wanna know why? I told you guys to not slack off on things like power plays and I told you to play a goddamn full game. You were okay for a while, then you really started to slack off. You’re no good, but you thought that you would come here anyway. (Smacks nearest player on the head. You can imagine that it is any player you like.) Because of folks like, well, all of you, thus team’s absolutely no good anymore.

It’s you guys’ fault. You mock other, more winning teams. Go ahead and mock them, but don’t you forget: Life is a game, so fight for survival and find out if you’re worth it. Today’s lesson: kill some Islanders!


Greener said...

I got the crossbow! Satomi got the frying pan.

Greener said...

It happened again!


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