Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One year? Already? for serious?

And yet you (presumably) still read

See? even Lil Lindros is celebrating!

As hard as it is to believe it, The Wonderful World of Loser Domi is already one year old today. That’s really incredible, especially since my first post was the Toronto Maple Leafs jersey re-designed as a pot leaf Yes, even after failed reverse psychology, bad drawings, angry letters , nekkid photos overly gratuitous YouTube yoinkage , and killing the entire team you’re all still reading (at least I assume so—those numbers form sitemeter can’t all be from me scouring my own archives.)

I’d like to thank all you guys for making this a whole lot more fun than t would be alone. To be honest, I figured I’d do about 5 posts and quit. I’d like to point out some of my favourite comments left by my loyal (all of 6) readers throughout the year:

Jaredoflondon, on Leafer Madness, final chapter:

if I were dealing with Betman, there would be hedge clippers involved, and at least one variety of poisonous snake.

Dayna on the same thing:

I seriously love plot holes. I may now actually watch a leafs game and not swear when they touch the puck. You made me laugh, and it softened my leaf hating heart... I don't know if I like that.

@jared - This sounds like a good plan to me.

MF37 on Leafer Madness, part 7

Wow...Candy Land. As a father of a four year old, I can confirm that you have have nailed the perfect game for Woz.

Sherry on Music Men at the ACC

I'm a Mississauga native and I do in fact get mistakened for a hardcore gangsta all the bloody time.

Lori on Favre to Sundin: "Quit Dicking around, man!"

haha, excellent. You were very generous to Favre in the complete sentence department.

Greener on Being Todd Bertuzzi

He looks like every doofus B.A. student on Youtube whose about to watch 2girls1cup.

General Borchevsky on

I like this one a lot. It'll be important to keep an accurate count of the crayons to make sure he doesn't stick any up his nose or in his ears. Also, he's a hungry boy - he might eat them.
Good to have him back on the team, though.

Jaredoflondon on Bloggonation Nubbin' Rubbins

god damn, the joke potential here is overwhelming, I don't know where to start. I got nothing, the funny part of my brain is having 3-stooges syndrome right now. DICK JOKE!!

OMGWTFTML on Just a Story from a Player's Perspective: Evgeni Malkin

I love this
Normally I go for the slash when it comes to fan fiction. There is something about reading how Osgood admires Zetterbergs body in the locker room that makes me laugh.

Eyebleaf on Carlo Colaiacovo's Amazon Antics

"Amazon? Is this where all the books come from?" stajan would so say something like that, that idiot. damn stupid sexy stajan.

Down Goes brown on Obligatory Thoughts on Certain Departures

A real bullet would have just whizzed by his head, glove side.

LeafFaninVan on the same thing:

In World of Raycroft do you lose levels the more you play?

Scotty Hockey on Cock Knockers, Incorporated: Volume 2

Watch out Sean! Maaarrrrtttyyy WANT PIE! Never get between a fat man and his food

Zack on Loser League

I'm gonna suck so hard, it's gonna feel like I moved into the middle of the Large Haldron Collider.

So feel free to exchange great memories, high fives, glove taps, alcoholic beverages, sexual favours, etc, etc in the comments. Once again THANK YOU for coming in to this little corner of the internet


Kevin said...

Ballinnnnn! Congrats on the birthday!

eyebleaf said...

Happy blogger birthday, darling.

general borschevsky said...

Congratulations! Great job. Wonderful work.
Is it a birthday or an anniversary?
Either way... cheers to LD!

Winkle said...

The more blogs I read at work, the less work I do at work!

Therefore it is important that you keep up working on this blog lease I have to resort to doing work myself.

Loser Domi said...

general borchevsky: I think if I were working with other people, it would be an anniversary, but since it's just me it's more like a birthday. Either way, it's an excuse for me to consume alcohol and junk food, so what more could I want? A blogger birthday is almost like 2 Christmassess I suppose

Winkle: first off, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to have been of service

Zack said...

I tried to celebrate, but I'm sourounded by idiots, so, I'm gonna have to find some new celebratory partners, probably won't happen though

WufPirate said...

Happy Day. Kickass shit.

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday LD! Here's to many more!

Greener said...

Happiest birthday D! You're a credit to your team and/or University.

Raskolnikov said...

After a year, you must remember your priorities: read blogs 50% of the time, write 1% of the time, and study 0% of the time. The other 49% is devoted to drinking.


Loser Domi said...

@everyone, thank you all for the warm wishes.

@rask: thanks for the valuable advice, except I suck at math

dani said...

Happy Beeelated Blog Day!!!!!

Yeahh Lindros.


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