Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obligatory thoughts on certain departures

You know, with the current situation in the Maple Leafs that has lots of folks leaving and whatnot, I (and lots of other Leafs bloggers) have been feeling really down. This is especially true with Darcy Tucker. Tucker was one of my favourite Leafs to write with/about (whatever it is I do). So here I present one last (for now) project with the departing Leafs, just to cheer things up a bit. (the first time a new screen name is mentioned, it links to the player's Hockey Database page) So allow me to take a page from The Dugout:

Welcome to the official chat room of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Harrison_Steel: Hey guys, does anyone know where I could find a decent English-Swiss dictionary?

~*~Pohl_dancer~*~: I don’t think they exist i don’t think swiss is a language

Harrison_Steel: But how do they communicate? Do thye just use like sign language or something?

Baaaaaad_muthaTucker has entered the chat room

Baaaaaad_muthaTucker: Hey guys

Harrison_Steel: hey

~*~Pohl_dancer~*~: Sucks to see you go, man

Baaaaaad_muthaTucker: It does! It sucks like Raycroft’s mom. But Calgary can’t be that bad, can it?

World_of_Raycroft has entered the chat room

Sheriff_of_Wellwood_forrest has entered the chat room

World_of_Raycroft:Hi everyboday! Its me! Raycroft, you know?

Harrison_Steel: Uh, yeah, we can read, Raycroft

~*~Pohl_dancer~*~: Even me!

Baaaaaad_muthaTucker: We were just having a conversation amongst ourselves

Sherrif_of_Wellwood_forrest:hey guys BC salmon sucks

Sherrif_of_Wellwood_forrest: Tucker, you played for Tampa Bay back before they won stuff, right?

Baaaaaad_muthaTucker: yeah Calgary can’t be *that* bad

World_of_Raycroft: mood: depressed

World_of_Raycroft: oops wrong window hah, or should I say LOL!

Harrison_Steel: whatevs

World_of_Raycroft: God, I’m so depressed right now. I keep drinking hot cocoa and listening to Sarah MacLaughlin but I don’t feel any different.

~*~Pohl_dancer~*~: You listen to Sarah MacLaughin when you’re depressed? Isn’t that like putting gasoline on a bonfire?

World_of_Raycroft: like, all the stuff I read about Tucker leaving is all “oh we’ll miss you, your awesome” and all the stuff about me is like, “good riddance”

Baaaaaad_muthaTucker: With all due respect, that’s because you’re a sack of crap and nobody likes you

Sherrif_of_Wellwood_forrest: That was kinda mean, dude

Baaaaaad_muthaTucker: What? I’m being honest! And I said “with all due respect”

World_of_Raycroft: That’s it. Like Budd Dwyer, I’m going out with a bang

World_of_Raycroft: *grabs pistol*

Sherrif_of_Wellwood_forrest: Rayray, no don’t do it!

Harrison_Steel oh shit, man, don’t!

World_of_Raycroft:*puts pistol barrel in mouth*

Baaaaaad_muthaTucker: DON”T DO IT! Think of whoever has to clean that up. I mean, blood doesn’t come out of stuff easily. Trust me I know!

World_of_Raycroft: I told you guys I was hardcore

World_of_Raycroft: *pulls trigger*

Baaaaaad_muthaTucker: oh shitohshitohshitohshit

~*~Pohl_dancer~*~: Fuck!

Sherrif_of_Wellwood_forrest: just…stunned…


Baaaaaad_muthaTucker: G-G-G-GHOST! AHH!

World_of_Raycroft: Nah, the gun I just shot myself with? Turns out it was just a cap gun

Harrison_Steel: Seriously? ROFLMAO

Sherrif_of_Wellwood_forrest: EPIC FAIL

Baaaaaad_muthaTucker: bwahahahahahHAHAHAHA OH SHIT HAHAHA!!!

World_of_Raycroft: Screw you guys I'm going home!


LeafFanInVan said...

In World of Raycroft do you lose levels the more you play?

Down Goes Brown said...

A real bullet would have just whizzed by his head, glove side.

Chemmy said...

In high school one of my teachers had a VHS copy of the Bud Dwyer tape and it was so much more gruesome than the tiny copy on the web. You could see chunks of his sinus bones flow out of his nose with all the blood.

Anyhow, good reference.

Jaredoflondon said...

There are gum drop trees and chocolate trees in Wellwood forest. Thats where the Oompa Loompas come from.

bkblades said...

Except Wellwood would eat the Oompa Loompas. That's why they're only a handful of them left in the world.

Heather said...

This is amazing. Epic even.

Dayna said...

He! Calgary can't be that bad...

I think if he says it enough he might believe it.

Also, McCabe might need to join this chat soon if things keep going the way they're going... and Sundin... will anyone be left?

dani said...

If I tool an online quiz, I think I would relate to Sherrif_of_Wellwood_forrest.

Loser Domi said...

LeafFanInVan:I dunno, but thanks for coming in!
down goes brown: at least it wasn't a beachball
chemmy:dag, yo. The "he went out with a bang" is one of the few puns I've made where I got both booed and applause
jaredoflondon:nun-uh--gumdrop trees and chocolate raiiiin...
bkblades:poor Oompa Lommpas. Thanks for coming in!
heather:I've been wanting to do somthing like this for a while now.
dayna:I don't know Calgary, so I can't say. If McCabe, Sundin or anyone else leaves,I'll have plenty of puntastic names for them
dani:I'd probably be ~*~Pohl_dancer~*~

Irene Tanga said...

i'm just wondering, did you decide to make him Sherrif_of_Wellwood_forrest because he looks like a chipmunk? my friend and i decided he lived in a forest a while ago :P

Loser Domi said...

Irene Tanga: First off thanks for coming in. I went with Sheriff_of_Wellwood_forest as,...I think it was a take off of Sherwood fores. I don't know--it was just off teh top of my head.


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