Monday, October 8, 2007

Result of a Request...(or filler until I get around to writing the introductory post)

This past summer, one of the fine folks over at Melt Your Face Off (find them here: ) requested that the Toronto Maple Leafs change their sweater to be a pot leaf, even if for just one year. Look up the post yourself--I'm far too lazy to do so.
So anyway, I took it upon myself to create what this might look like, I know I have no drawing ability, but here it is anyway.

Yeah that’s from August. I’m lazy, I know. And I know I can’t draw worth anything, but hey—this is all given for free. So there.

I even have a justification for using this as a real jersey: back around the ‘20s or so, the Toronto Maple Leafs were known as the Toronto St Pats, whose team colors were green and white ( ) instead of the blue and white we see today. Add this to the “throwback” style third jersey we see today (here and here: ) and you tell me that wouldn't look like a pot leaf! By the way, Googling for an image of “Toronto St. Pat’s” has taken a bit of my soul away. I apologize for not having pictures of a jersey, but after looking for half an hour, I give up



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