Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time To Say Goodbye/Friday Youtube Yoinkage March 5, 2010

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Today, I decided to combine the FYY and saying good bye to Alexei Ponikarovsky because Poni has had some memorable videos of him.

Clip one has him, Nik Antropov and Jeremy Williams talking about the Canadian Provinces, the NHL,and mustaches.

Clip two has Antropov and Ponikarovsky as the new "Odd couple". This is what spawned the Antro and Poni Super Awesome show and many,many jokes about cheesebourgers and sosa sola.

Clip three has some goals and other game goodness from Alexei:

Great Moments in WWoLD History:
Alexei was quite the supporting player, even if he wasn't usually the star of the show...there was the aforementioned show he had for three short episodes...Tried to win over CoachRonWilson...had one of the hardest scenes for me to write ever in "Leafer Madness"...certainly didn't eat Vesa Toskala...really, really, REALLY missed Nik Wendel Clark into the Maple Leafs Chats

What I Learned From Alexei Ponikarovsky:
UKRAINE NOT WEAK, don't be afriad to use your size, and learn to live with slobs.

Here's to some Happy Poni Time in Pittsburgh!


lgweekend said...

yaay! you used my "Odd Couple" Video!

First time posting, and bt-dubs, excellent blog!

Mirinov's Nose said...

I love Poni, I'll miss him. Wish him a Cup in Pittsburgh and, uh hey, what are you doing next year?

CGLN said...

Only at this late hour I realize how many of my favorite personalities from this blog are now gone. And to lose so many over such a short span of time only intensifies the pain.

Even Kaberle might go during the summer, although I hope he resigns. Good thing Phaneuf was voted most likely to look like the Frankenstein monster back in Red Deer. And as far as drunken karaoke goes, he's just as good as I was when I was his age.

And yeah, once again, goodbye PoniRides4ABuck. Hope you'll have a smashing playoff run with the Penguins.

Loser Domi said...

igweekend: thanks for coming in!

Mirinov;s nose: I'm glad you liked it. Poni was a big player round here.

CGLN: At least I can have PoniRidesForaBuck over at BMR for the Penguins. And being in the playoffs again should be fun for him


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