Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time to say Goodbye: Jason Blake

The man who brought us "FISTPUMP!" and "he looks like smashed hamster" has left the Leafs. Did you know he once scored 40 goals in one season? Never mind he has scored 51 goals TOTAL in the 2.5 seasons since then, but hey, cancer sucks ass.

Great Moments in WWoLD history:
Labeled moments here...threatened to "Crush Luke Schenn"...Got shot by the Hell's Angels...introduced us all to the "Hanukkah Fairy"...was rather generous for my second blogthday... had all of his cancer punched out by Wendel Clark.

What I learned from Jason Blake:

Well, he did have this great cameo in a video where a bunch of now-former Leafs (and Luke Schenn) Talk about Valentine's Day (I think it's near the end, when Monika is talking to Dominic Moore)

Well Jason, have fun in Sunny Anaheim.

Here are some
dancing hamsters for everyone to enjoy!


CGLN said...

Bye, Jason "NASCAR" Blake. At least you tried hard, although that probably wouldn't have impressed Yoda. Remember the sunblock in sunny California.

Loser Domi said...

CGLN, I'm concerned he will die of UV exposure in California. it'll be like that urban legend of a person who goes tanning, notices a weird smell, and then goes to a doctor to find out she's cooked from teh inside out and is dying

CGLN said...

Well, that's a vivid image, but it might also be a real concern.

Jason Blake may, or may not, actually be a vampire. He's certainly pale enough, whether he turns to dust from direct exposure to sunlight remains to be seen. Somebody should check his former locker in ACC for traces of soil from Moorhead, MN.


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