Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LD Mailbag thingy

Hello, everyone!

Remember how I had the little Formspring thing so you can ask me questions? Some people actually did it! And I wrote answers to them! Now I just need a name for this feature.

Tie Domi: Threat or Menace?
That depends: are you a Flyers fan? If so, Tie Domi is a threatening menace. Observe:

If the Maple Leafs didn't exsist who would you root for?
Hrmm, good question. Consider that where I am, all of the hockey fans (and there aren’t many of those) are fans of either the Bruins or the Canadiens. Also consider that the first and so far only NHL game I have been to was Bruins-Habs. I also went to college in Quebec. Therefore, I imagine I would be a Habs fan, except Loser LaFleur isn’t nearly as funny a nickname as Loser Domi.

I now feel dirty for saying this, and I will never speak of it again.

Was it really just a fold?
…Dammit, you guys. You know that there are places on the Internet where one can see more that just what might be a nipple, right? All these questions about the shirt are making me seriously doubt what I saw as a fold. I hope you’re all happy.

if your boyfriend offered to fly you away for the night for a romantic getaway would you go or tell him 'i don't see the point?'
I don’t have a boyfriend, so I’d have to put on my imagination cap for this one. See, what I would consider “romantic” is not what others would consider romantic. A lot of what other people consider “romantic” (wine and candles, opera, committing suicide over a guy you’ve only known for a week) is what I consider “vomit-inducing.” Romantic for me would be "hey babe, I just got box seats for a Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre. Grab your passport and coat and let's go." That might get the motor running.  I’d like the idea of a getaway in general, however.

More drawings please! Always great.
Sure! I just need some ideas for it. I also need the time to do it, which I don't have right now. Maybe I’ll figure something out for this summer.

MMMkkay folks, that's all I have for now.

1 Comment:

Zack said...

"I would be a Habs fan, except Loser LaFleur isn’t nearly as funny a nickname as Loser Domi."

No, but it sounds like it would make a fantastic name for a terrible French Romantic-Comedy.


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