Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday YouTube Yoinkag: March 12, 2010

For this week's youtube Yoinkage, I didn't have a theme until a bit late at night, Luckily, PPP user and twitter buddy of mine Kidkawartha had an idea: llamas. However, I couldn't find much interesting, so he suggested "hockey + high andes". These are some videos that are found in that search.

Clip one is a collection of funny goal celebrations:

Clip two is an old Goofy cartoon called "Hockey Homicide":

Clip three: some high school kid falls down while introducing himself to the TV camera:


kidkawartha said...

Foligno's goal celebrations have been taken up by DGB, I think. He's like a little kid.
Man, it's been an Internet-fame week, what with #deadraccoonmoviequotes and now the pinnacle, a WWOLD post.

kidkawartha said...

Also, one of the teams in the Goofy video is called the "Loose Leafs". Thought you'd like to know.

CGLN said...

I love Hockey Homicide. So does my 3-year-old son.

Loose Leafs was new to me, thanks for that tidbit, kidkawartha.


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