Monday, February 1, 2010

Time to Say Goodbye: Jamal Mayers

It seems like Brian Burke knew I was having a bit of writer's block, so he traded 6 people away. That's a solid week of "goodbye" posts, and I suspect that's not going to be all. Anyway, here's the first of this string of goodbye posts.

Great Moments in WWoLD History

To be honest, Jamal didn't play such a huge role in WWoLD . He had a brief role in the Holiday Kesstacular, where he (SPOILER ALERT) gets shot. He was also the inaugural guest on "Ask Lee Stempniak.

Then again, Jamal starred in a great short for Bloge Salming:

What I learned from Jamal Mayers:

Eyebrows are awesome. So are snappy dressers.


Sergei Puckizin said...

Hey LD,
I'd love another version of Ask Lee Stempniak. What's on tap for the Ann Landers of hockey?

CGLN said...

Next edition of "Ask Lee Siempniak" will probably be questioning his own next season's address. I'll miss buttons much more than I'll miss the Wonder Woman.

Bloge Salming said...

If i'm being completely honest with myself...shooting Jamal Mayers was a much better idea then messing around with his eyebrows.

CGLN said...

Why? We got Sjöström off him, and while he'll probably be just another Wallin, at least his someone else's totally wasted 1st rounder!

And don't worry about shooting anyone. He was cheap. and if you mess with a man's eyebrows, seppuku is the only choice left for him. So mission accomplished, anyway.

Loser Domi said...

Sergei, I've got to wade through these goodbye posts before I do anything else. Stemper may do a special Valentine's day episode, but that's still to be determined.

CGLN: I might end up moving "Ask Lee Stempniak" to BMR if/when he's traded.

Bloge, It's an honour for you to be here. And that song got my cat staring at your site as I was wathcing so...yay?

Bloge Salming said...

So what you're saying is I have a future in cat entertaining?

I can live with that.

Loser Domi said...

well, if she's entertained by you, she's not trying to kill me, which is always a plus.

Tapio said...

Cats only stare when aiming to kill.


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