Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Return of the Revenge of the Bobble Heads, part too?

You guys might remember my little internal debate over buying bobbleheads. Like I said in the comments, the LeCLair one is out of stock, so I would have had to go with Eric Lindros. Except my roomate and I went to the store where I first saw the Li'l Lindros yesterday. Since I'm heading home to the States (and dial up) on Friday, I figured I might as well take the chance I had. I walked out of the store with this little guy in my bag.

The store keeper made it all even funnier. He tried to get me to buy one of the other bobbleheads from Team Canada, like Lemieux and Brodeur, which also happened to be more expensive (convenient, eh?). he guy at the store told me, "you know we also have some really nice Canadiens ones", but I declined I could feel the guy judging me as a poor character, so I justified my purchase by saying, "The Lindros is an inside joke between a friend and I." He replied, "Oh, well, if it's a joke it's OK."

Here is the Lil Lindros, silently judging you:

The accuracy of it is what really impresses me--just like the real thing, Lil Lindros has trouble keeping his head up.


eyebleaf said...

Eric Lindros: a true "bobblehead"

Chemmy said...

All Eric Lindros blog postings should be accompanied by the song "Ring My Bell" by Anita Ward.

Loser Domi said...

@eyebleaf: yep
@chemmy: or maybe "Over my Head" by the Fray?

Scotty Hockey said...

"just like the real thing, Lil Lindros has trouble keeping his head up."

Bravo LD, bravo. As a Ranger fan we were forced to watch the timid, useless wreck that he had become. What a sad, sad state of affairs. Even though he is a Devil, even though he made the Rangers lives hell for so many years, I still can';t bring myself to hate Scott Stevens because of that wonderful hit ...


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