Thursday, May 8, 2008

FYY MAy 9, 2008 AND a special announcement

Howdy ho, folks. Just to let you all know, I'm going home to the States. While I'll be getting to see my family and get a job, it means I am stuck with dial-up internet, so I won't be around as often. I may update once a week at most, and it'll just be stuff like my movie spoofs.

Now, onto the videos!

Clip one: Thanks to Jared of London, I have stumbled upon the greatness that is Red vs Blue. Here is the best of Pvt. Lavernius Tucker, who would probably teach Darcy Tucker a thing or two about awesomeness:

clip two: One of my favourite Simpsons clips, especially after my roommate got a Wii and I started kicking his ass at Wii bowling. My real bowling, however, still sucks:

clip three: I can change (South Park) plus "A Clockwork Orange" = greatness:


I'm sure most people reading this have found out about Well, I couldn't get Tie Domi's page ,however I did get one Leafs player but I just need a caption for it. Leave any suggestions in the comments. Thanks!


eyebleaf said...

enjoy yourself back home!

great videos, as always.

dani said...

haha Crabapple! I love Wii bowling because it's the easiest. My brother makes me play it. I'm horrible at Wii tennis. So. Bad. Lindros should stop judging me by my poor Wii sports skills.

I just realized you welcomed me to your site a couple posts back... Thanks!

Heather said...

I think "Stupid Sexy Stajan" would be a good caption. Or, "Stajan, because Tie Domi and Darcy Tucker were already taken..."

Heads up, if you can secure a good connection MYFO is doing another liveblog on Tuesday.

Loser Domi said...

@eyebleaf: thanks
@dani: Lil Lindros judges the people he wants to judge, whic is pretty much everyone
@heather: I went with two inside jokes from PPP--check the Stajan page. Those were good suggestions, though.

and as awesome as a MYFO liveblog would be, I can't find a good connection. :/


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