Thursday, March 6, 2008

Too good to pass up: Mad Mike vs Gary Bettman

I found this on NHL's website and figured the opportunity was too good to pass up: Mike Milbury is guesting on Gary Bettman's "NHL hour" radio show. I'm hoping hilarity will ensue, so I'll be doing a semi-live blog of it.

He has "Call Me" as the theme? *snicker*

Gary's in Utah??? He isn't even in the same room? COWARD!!

Gary's talking about skiing. I kinda hope he hits a tree. Not enough to pull a Sonny Bono but enough to hurt.

Caller one starts off kissing Betty's ass. He remembers no jersey advertising, and reconfiguring a no-point overtime loss. Then he forgets his third point. Bettman denies he's thinking of advertising on jerseys. He claims he's offering a "more wide open game"

I'm starting to think Mad Mike won't be coming in. I'm so disappointed. I'll edit only if he does.

half way through: MAD MIKE!!!!11ONEONE1!! I already feel my intelligence dropping, but I blame Bettman and Bill Clement.

Mad Mike doesn't seem so...mad to me. Maybe my brain IS rotting from listening to this. He's talking about supporting officials and...such.

Milbury says his best trade was getting rid of Wendel Clark and Schinder. His worse? I heard the names Spezza and Chara, but he's kind of avoiding this part of the question.

Milbury says he liked the Rangers for the rest of the season. Plus one for Scotty Hockey!
In the west, he likes the Ducks and Dallas. I have nothing else to add. He officially says it'll be "wide open in the East and a dogfight in the West." Nice weaseling, Mike, nicely played.

Bettman just HAD to ask Milbury about "Madison Square Garden 1979" Way to go, Betty, I'm sure he hasn't talked about THAT a billion times.

And now they're letting go of Milbury. I still can't get over how deep Bettman's voice is. I always imagine him sounding more...leprechaun-ish. Like he should be cursing people for stealing his Lucky Charms.

OKAY, THAT"S IT! The caller just called it a great day in Columbus. There is officially too much stupid streaming through my laptop speakers. I'm done! I'm not standing through 15 more minutes of this. I'm done, I seriously think that Bettman is paying people to call in because they all praise him so much (or ask really stupid questions.) I'm out! Screw this! I hope you choke on your Lucky Charms, Betty!!


Anonymous said...

If anyone listened to the NHL Hour with Gary Bettman today on XM Radio (or the direct internet feed from, I got on the air!!

I asked about this whole mess of games that are on the NHL Network not being on Center Ice and how I felt it was a bait and switch tactic and that they were trying to make us pay even more to watch games... and how it is a ripoff. I would have gone on and asked more, but Mr. Buttman quickly said he would look into it and see what he can do... and then I was CUT OFF THE LINE!! they didn't give me any chance at all to reply or to even say 'thank you'. So I doubt anything is really going to be done about it... but I have a feeling Buttman gave the show producer the "cut the line" hand gesture while I was on the line... since he knew about this long ago with all of the emails that have been sent to him and he still hasn't done anything about it.


Loser Domi said...

First off, thanks for coming in.

I heard your call, but that was just about when the stream of stupid was getting to me, so I didn't hear that much. But I do remember you talking about Center Ice and such. I seriously thought they screened calls a lot more strenuously than they did with you--no offense, but you raised a valid point. Most of the other callers weren't, in my opinion, directly criticizing or questioning the administration/Bettman. In fact, most were kissing his ass or if they raised questions, they were strictly what-ifs (like the guy who asked about other overtime situations they considered, for example)

I'm still disappointed they didn't have Milbury and Bettman in the room. That could have had the potential to be one awesome smackdown. Or an awesome stream of stupid.

Congrats on getting through and feel free to come back anytime.


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