Sunday, December 9, 2007

Taking off to the Great White...South

OK, Domiteers, I'm taking off later today to head home. I'll update, but just not as often. Also, there won't be Friday youtube Yoinkage (FYY) or the motivational stares. My camera and my parent's computer (the one at home with the internet) don't get along.

I would also like to add that the Bruins did not defeat the Leafs last night.The Bruins bus...umm...broke down somewhere near Katana...yeah, that'll work.

In order to cheer things up a bit (and have a handy little tie-in to the title), I present to you something I forgot to include on the latest edition of FYY. Bob and Doug MacKenzie's 12 days of Christmas. So, good day, and I'll see you around.

1 Comment:

Greener said...

Till when? My readership will plummet.


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