Monday, December 10, 2007

Motivation against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Dec. 10, 2007

OK boyos, after losing to the smegging Bruins, you don't get a picture (though you probably won't anyway since this computer and my camera don't get along.) You get text-based motivation from me instead.

Tampba Bay is abreviated as TB, which is also the abbreviation for tubercolusis. For that reason alone, t's not something you want to screw around with.

The Tampa Bay Lightning feature two wild and crazy guys, Martin St. Louis and Vincent Lecavailier. Marty is so short, he can sneak to the puck between your legs and you won't even notice. Much like the common field mouse, he scurries with great speed away from things larger than he is that would eat him for breakfast. Vinny has all the girls crazy AND is on his way to becoming the season's leading scorer in all senses of the word.

SO yeah. TB will kick ass.



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