Friday, November 9, 2007

Your Friday YouTube Thingy

OK sports fans, this week around the blogs I read has been, needless to say, stressful. It's been kind of rough for some bloggers around here, so instead of doing a normal make it about hockey post, I'm just going to post three vids that always get me laughing.

Clip one: (read this first if you don't know rap) British people + American rap = really funny

Clip two: I mean no respect to armed forces here. It's mere incongrutiy here. It's the hippo in a tutu. It's...(hit play)

Clip three: hey, everyone loves a good nut shot! and they're short, so let's do two for one:

1 Comment:

Scotty Hockey said...

Help, help, help tha police!

Great find ...


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