Thursday, November 8, 2007

No-One Dies Harder Than John LeClair

Stolen from Way Offside (they're good folks, really), comes this news. No word on whether or not it was Team Ramrod who pulled him over

As a fellow Vermonter, I feel I should throw my own spin on this, but frankly, I'm not that surprised this has happened. For those of you know in the know (Hell, I had to look it up) here is Milton, Vermont in all it's glory: It's kinda sorta closeish to St. Albans, which is where LeClair is from.

I've made this crack before on other blogs, but with Johnny boozin' and crusin' and Eric Lindros retiring, I wonder if Mikael Renberg is gong to be up to anything soon...

and oh yeah...this might help explain the title. It's so awesome, you should sit down in order to behold it. Consider it a preview/bonus for Friday's YouTube Thingy (I can't think of a name--any suggestions, anyone?)



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