Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blue and White Christmas: part one

(SCENE: Inside of what looks like a cabin that’s out in snow covered woods. ELISHA CUTHBERT and DION PHANEUF are inside of what looks like a festively decorated living room, complete with comfy couch, large decorated Christmas tree, and “fire” place)

ELISHA CUTHBERT: Hey everyone! Welcome to the Toronto Maple Leafs Annual Christmas Special!
DION PHANEUF: Elisha…who are you talking to?
CUTHBERT: I’m talking to the audience.
PHANEUF: But there’s no audience. It’s all black and dark out there.
CUTHBERT:  Well, Dion, it’s the audience at home.
PHANEUF: This isn’t even a real cabin. That fire’s fake—it’s just this video screen thing.
 CUTHBERT: Stop negating the premise!
PHANEUF: But what the hell are we doing here?
CUTHBERT: Don’t you remember that we agreed to do this Christmas special? We’d have skits and music and stuff like that?
PHANEUF:  Babe, you know I agree to all sorts of shit when I’m on a lot of painkillers. I don’t remember jack from the past two months.
CUTHBERT: Well, here we are filming…
PHANEUF: OK, fine. I just got one question.
PHANEUF: Is there eggnog?
CUTHBERT: Yeah. There’s, like, a shitload of it out back.
PHANEUF: AWESOME. Maybe this won’t suck so much after all.
CUTHBERT: Well folks, we hope you like our holiday special!
PHANEUF: We have booze and cookies! And it'll be , like all swanky and stuff.


CGLN said...

You are the only reason beaing a Leafs fan feels good right now. Please keep it up, LD.

Hostpph.com said...

Specially the "fire" place. but whom would be in the cabin out in the nowhere and enjoy Christmas there.


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