Monday, May 24, 2010

The Mailbag Returns!

(Source is here. I think I have an idea for a Halloween costume...)

Am I the only one who sees the Caped Crusader/Boy Wonder potential in the duo of Frankenphaneuf and Kessel? Both seem to be staying for a moment, so why not make a regular feature out of 'em?

Let’s take a quick look at the other players that I have given shows:

Darcy Tucker (and a retired Tie Domi): one episode of a show called “Go Puck Yourself” in the early days of the blog  (Well, one aired episode. I found episode two—hand written and stuffed in a book—months after the fact and found out it sucked as much as episode one  ) That was in November of 2007. In Mid 2008, Tucker’s contract got bought out by the Leafs, which allowed Darcy to start half-assing it for the Colorado Avalanche

Nik Antropov and Alexei Ponikarovsky: In February 2009, Jared of London and I gave the dynamo duo their own show. There were three total episodes, but Nik was only around for one, after he got traded in March. Alexei got traded to the Penguins in March of 2010.

Ask Lee Stempniak was started in July of 2009. I managed to squeeze out seven episodes before he and Buttons got traded to the Phoenix Coyotes in March 2010.

Now, I would love to be able to write a Kessel/Phaneuf duo series. A mute caveman and functionally retarded gopher would make for hilarious hijinks. But given that the best track record I have with player shows is Lee Stempniak? I can’t risk it, not with Phaneuf and Kessel.

Hey this is bestbostonsports. I love the little stories you make up about Leafs players, could you make one for the Bruins?
That Leader Madness was funny, could you make one with the Bruins?
Can you do one of your stories with Bruins players?

As for all three of these questions, I do my non-Leafs stories over at Barry Melrose Rocks. Check over there for Boston stuff.  If you have any suggestions for character quirks (for example, Tim Thomas’s love of cheeseburgers), feel free to send them over!

Who would you most like to win The Cup this year? The Habs? Dany Heatley, who they say is an absolute killer behind the steering wheel? Patrick Kane, who they say is likely to try and kill the guy who is behind the steering wheel? Or Dan Carcillo?

(Somehow I posted this over at The Victoria Times. Sorry, Ryan!)
Let's take a look at the other teams I wanted to win in this payoff series:
Phoenix Coyotes
Los Angeles Kings
Washington capitals
Pittsburgh Penguins
San Jose Sharks

Each and every one got eliminated. Now I'm down to Habs, Flyers, and the Hawks. There is no "good" option anymore, just 'least painful"

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