Monday, February 15, 2010

Mikhail Grabovski's Secret Injury Diary: Part 2

Much peoples have been asking for new Grabovski injury update. Who am I to be guy to deny fans? Here is Mikhail diary two!

I was guest on Lee Stempniak advice show. He is very odd fellow. He has little black and white cat that is not real cat. Lee says the cat is harmless, but it stares at me with eyes of killer. Lee may be odd guy, but if he really want to pay Mikhail 50 buck to play pals, it is 50 buck I no have before. No problem for me!

On weekend, I go and see moviefilm “The Wolfman”. At first, I thought it was documentary of Phil Kessel or Jonas Gustavsson, but it is not. I have here review of movie film which may spoil things, so do not read if you care about movie.

“The Wolfman” star two fine actors—Sad Spanish Guy and Hannibal Lecter. Sad Spanish Guy is actor with daddy issues. Why he is not doing porno, like all other actors with daddy issues, I am not knowing. But anyway, Sad Spanish Guy gets a letter from his brother’s fiancée saying his brother has been found dead—ripped up and in terrible shape. So he goes home to England and his father, Hannibal Lector. Sad Spanish Guy has had some bad stuff happen to him before, like his mom looking like she killed herself, so family places is all sad but HUGE.

Since Sad Spanish Guy knows something is weird, so he goes to gypsy camp. Now, I know not of you, but I never hear of any book or movie where meeting with Gypsies was not bad news. I am sure Gypsies are OK in normal live, by they always bad things happen in books and TV. But then, the werewolf attack the Gypsies! The werewolf bite Sad Spanish Guy and he is in bad shape, but get stitched up. Then there are some weird visions and stuff.

The full moon come again, and Sad Spanish Guy finds out he is werewolf! He almost is hunted, but he rip the guts and shit out of a bunch of guys. Then Hannibal Lecter put Sad Spanish Guy in mental asylum, where he is tortured and a bunch of bad stuff. Then Hannibal Lecter tells a story and it turns out he is werewolf too! Then Sad Spanish Guy transforms and rips the shit out of a bunch of other guys. Then some time passes. Sad Spanish Guy go back home, the house catches fire, Sad Spanish Guy kill Hannibal Lecter (while they are both werewolves.) This whole time, dead brother’s fiancée has been trying to save Sad Spanish Guy. But on same night Sad Spanish Guy and Hannibal Lecter fight, she gets gun and silver bullets and shoots Sad Spanish Guy and that is end.

It was okay movie. It really look like Sad Spanish Guy was ripping the shit out of guys when he was wolfman. But both Sad Spanish Guy and Hannbal Lecter look like guys that needed naps. They both look like very tired guys. Then again, Sad Spanish Guy always look tired (and I think they had to shave him when he was wolfman.) But like, whole cast was so tired. They needed electrolytes or something. Maybe fruit juice.

Oh well. It is time to go to bed for Mikhail. Keep on rocking!


McSwarley said...

They need Brawndo. Brawndo has what Sad Spanish Guys crave!

Loser Domi said...

mmm Brawndo


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