Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday Youtube Yoinkage, February 26, 2010

The theme for this week's yoinkage is none other than Phil Kessel

In clip one, Phil dons an apron and a chef's hat and gets interviewed by some random guy, all for charity. What a swell guy

In clip two, Phil talks about how he "candy canes" his stick. Fun fact: every time he says "candy cane", a puck bunny perks up without knowing why:

Clip three is the official press conference when Kessel got traded to the Leafs. When he gets the jersey, he look so excited, he could eat it. But he shouldn't, even if it does say "maple" on it:


Zack said...

On clip three: His last jersey had a cheese wheel on it, so you can't really blame the guy.

CGLN said...

Oh the horror of assrape. We got served. Kipper looked like Toskala. I wish to live no longer.


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