Thursday, November 5, 2009

Firday Youtube Yoinkage: Mustachulence!

Since November is MOvember for prostate cancer awareness (I'd totally do it, except I'm female and can't) , and since Kavel Pubina and Karina at Pension Plan puppets suggested it, I decided to make this issue of the FYY a tribute to great hockey mustaches.

Clip one is, naturally, the Wendel Clark "All Heart" tribute. The man had a 'stash of greatness from the word "go"

Clip two is an interview with keeper of West Coast stachulence, gentleman and scholar George Parros:

Clip three is a look at MHL10 featuring Ian White (who might have given this interview after chugging a Costco-sized bottle of cough syrup) and Wendel Clark. It's almost too much mushstachulence.


Kessticle said...

(I'm Kessticle from the PPP board)

I'm growing a stache for Movember and am attempting to grow the handlebar mo in honour of Clark. if you want to donate and help find a cure for Prostate Cancer, please join the cause at

you can also donate to me in my Movember quest (our team name is Mustachulence and has been since I signed us up in September)

kidkawartha said...

MHL10=MoustacheHockeyLeague, I assume.
Also, I think Whitey's stache has directly deepened his voice. He's now one step closer to being able to launch his successful career in porn.

Loser Domi said...

Kessticle: you got $10 coming your way.

KidK: It wasn't the deepness, it was the speed. I've noticed it in other interviews as well. Could Whitey be sizzippin on sizzurp?


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