Friday, October 2, 2009

YouTube Yinakge: Triumphant return edition!

The real season started last night, even though I missed it. You know what that means? It means the triumphant return of two of my most favourite features--youtube Yoinkage, and LOLeafs. The LOLs will come later this weekend or maybe Monday, but the Yoinkage begins NOW. No real theme here this time.

I have to thank Karl Monkland for forwarding the following clip to me a few weeks ago. Here's Ian White, Porn Star:

clip two: Wendel Clark here to tell you "Be Nice, Clear your ice." People who don't get their blood punched out

clip three: In honour of Mats Sundin retiring, here is one of my favourtie clips of him. It's a McDonald's commercail where he does goals against Wayne "Mr. Fancy Stick" Gretzky. Cheers to you, Mats.



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