Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clearly, I Should Never Hold Contests

Howdy, Kittens. Remember that slashfic contest I had over the summer?
I learned a few things from it, such as sex scenes and fights are much harder to write than I thought they were, and that I really suck at running contests.

I only had one entry (the rest of the stories were ones I wrote), so your winner by default is.... (drumroll)

Garrett Bauman of Maple Leafs Hot Stove!

Congrats, Garrett! Your entry of "Being Tomas Kaberle", a heart warming/heart breaking tale about everyone's favourite rosy-cheeked Czech is the winner!

For your a request of a scene and I will cartoon it. And mail it. My work of Matt Stajan on a unicorn was partially inspired by this piece, in fact.

Congratulations again to Garrett, winner by default (2 of the sweetest words in the English language)


sleza said...

I would've written something totally awesome but I think you required that it needs to be in English...

Zack said...

+qwjibo point total for the Simpsons reference

Garrett Bauman said...

Default. Good Vancouver rock band. Alter it a bit to De/Fault and you have an excellent name for a Euro-trance outfit. Such a versatile word!

Cool contest, even if no one else joined in I thought it was fun anyway. Pythons of London was particularly hilarious, I've had similar nights when too much rye has been involved.



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