Thursday, May 14, 2009

Still alive, and with facts!

I get quite a bit of flack for being a Leafs fan Everybody knows
about how 1967 was the last time the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup, but they don’t
know much else. In an effort to help you all out, here are 10 Facts about the Toronto
Maple Leafs that I bet you never knew:

1: There isn’t a chin behind Pavel Kubina’s beard, only another stick that’s ready to
break at a bad time.

2: Vesa Toskala lost his virginity before his father did. That’s because Vesa Toskala is
a dirty slut.

3: Tomas Kaberle rubs his skin with a stick of cold, unsalted butter every day to
maintain his rosy cheeked-glow.

4: Luke Schenn was in a mall and accidentally bumped into a woman. Luke apologized
and left. Nine months later, Octomom happened.

5: Curtis Joseph avoids wearing pants whenever possible.

6: Lee Stempniak has a favorite color.

7: Despite his limited grasp on the English language, Mikhail Grabovski’s favorite TV
shows are “The Price is Right” and “Wheel of Fortune”.

8:Matt Stajan listens to Beyonce unironically.

9: Ian White’s mustache has no natural enemies, except a razor.

10: When he’s not on the ice or training, Brad May likes to eat a big bowl of Lucky
Charms while playing the game “Viva Pinata”.


eyebleaf said...

What's Stempniak's favourite colour? Suck?

And I can totally see Stempniak listening to Beyonce; "If I were a boy," probably.

article1 said...

Of course CuJo doesn't wear pants. At his age, incontinence is a problem, so he has to wear nappies these days.

Junior said...

Grabbo's favourite movie: Pineapple Express.

Loser Domi said...

eyebleaf: I think Stemps likes some dull color, like brown.

article1: he does need pants for the pockets so he can keep tissues to wipe off his drool

junior: Nah, "pinapple express" seems more wellwood's thing, or maybe CuJo


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