Saturday, April 4, 2009

In which Matt Stajan turns into a damn dirty hippie

(SCENE: MATT STAJAN is at the Air Canada Centre to film a commercial for Earth Hour.)
WWF PERSON: Ok, Matt, you think you could do another take of this commercial for Earth Hour?
MATT STAJAN: Another? But we’ve been here for like three hours. I wanna go home.
WWF PERSON: Come on Matt—don’t you care about the cute little fuzzy animals?
STAJAN: Of course I care about the cute little fuzzy animals—why else do you think I hang out with Ian white?
WWF PERSON: Just give it another go, could you?

STAJAN: NOW can I go?
WWF PERSON: How do you think that run went?
STAJAN: I dunno. Fine. But thinking about all this earth stuff is kinda making me want to eat granola and play hackeysack while listening to Bob Marley
WWF PERSON: You just read that like a nervous 10 year old giving a book report in front of the class
STAJAN: Can I go now?
WWF PERSON: I guess. We’ll just see what the best take was.
STAJAN: I wonder if I'd look good with dreadlocks?


sleza said...

Line "take action" sayed in front of Viagra ass makes me giggle

Loser Domi said...

sleza, you're much sharper eyed than I am. I didn't even notice the viagra sign. A gold star for you.


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