Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday YouTube Yoinkage, February 27, 2009

I have no theme once again. I will do trade deadline stuff, but not right now since the game just finished, I'm still a bit sick and I kinda want to head to bed soon. Here are some clips that may have nothing to do with hockey, but for the past few days, I can't seem to stop playing them.

clip one: "Somebody to Love"---Queen

I guess you could say it's something I want in the Leafs for my own selfish reasons. I want people I can actually write about, real characters--not a team of Stempniaks.

Clip two: Ocsar spoilers form the Fine Brothers. I can't stop hearing "I'm Kate Winslet and I;m a Nazi who can't read" while I'm in stores and stuff. I giggle.

Clip three: DyzaBOYS--Nekeca. What the world needs now is more bearded Czechs in huge sunglasses singing techno:

clip two



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