Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bloggonation Nubbin rubbins part 2

Well, it's cold outside, which means I'm inside more which means more nubbin rubbins to stay warm. That's right--it's high time once again for more actual search terms that have landed people at the WWoLD.

Cock inside female’s shoes (I'm sure there's a site for that, but this isn't it)

How big cock Sidney Crosby have (Finnish search--I'm wondering if metric or standard measurements make a difference)

Small white cocks loser compare (just chew on that a bit) (Sorry Chemmy)

Internet haunted budd dwyer (oh no! it's the ghost of Budd Dwyer! Here to shoot himself again!)

Womens shoes wrap around cocks (those must be skinny shoes)

La chatte de domie moore (A French search, by the way chatte ~pussy, so...Demi moore's pussy?)

scat chat Toronto ("long time listener, first time caller...")

Brodeur pie (I hear there are some good Brodeur pies for sale in Montreal)

Kyle Wellwood homosexual (well,I'm not saying anything, but if he does affirm it, you heard it here first)

Matt stajan nude (get out of my head)

why do I hear the word loser on my computer sometimes (dude, if your computer is talking to you, you have some serious problems)

We play on Tuesday alex bizzaro blogspot (this is so wierd, I can't even come up with a joke for it)


wrap around curl said...

I have had people look for Luke Schenn naked on my page.

sleza said...

Great, after writing 200 words about NHL not being huge here, you tell me that my fellow winos have googled sidney crosby's cock? I'm so moving to Stockholm...

blurr1974 said...

Those Fins are crazy...

Anonymous said...

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