Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hi everyone! I am, in fact, STILL ALIVE. There was a largish storm a few weeks ago (you may have heard about it, as it left lots of people with no power.) Luckliy, we only lost power for about 2 hours. However, this totally fried our home computer. This means I cannot do anything until I get back to Quebec January 4. I promise, I'll do a whole week of LOLeafs or something to make up for leaving you all hanging. The good news is, I've been writing new material almost every day this whole break, so as soon as I sit down to type it, it's yours to enjoy.

See you next year!



Irene Tanga said...


wrap around curl said...

We have missed you!

And I can't wait for the new material.

LeafFanInVan said...

Rock on, LD!

Them survival skills honed by the power outage will come in handy someday!

blurr1974 said...

i'm breathless with anticipation...

also, can't wait for your new stuff!


Anonymous said...

Power outage, ahh my childhood! But since I'm a computer addict now it's better to live in the city.

Archimedes said...

I miss you.

It's cold!


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