Monday, January 14, 2008


Hey-ho Domiteers! You may remember the contest to name my sociology group. To refresh your memory, here are the nominees:

From HabsFan29:
-The Wonderful World of Data
-Data's Ladies of Greatness
-Analyze This
-Women are Statistically Superior
-Survey says...

From reasonable doubt:
-poll position
-Poll dancers

From Greener (emailed):
- Data Collection Analysts For Christ
- Team We Don't Need to Use Our Bodies to Get Data, Just Our Minds
- The WMD's (Women Measuring Data)
- Data: It's What's For Dinner
- Data Collection/Analysis With Emphasis on the Construction of Different Methodilogical Works For Dummies

And according to the other ladies, the winner is...Greener, with "WMD's (Women Measuring Data)."

Greener rocks mainly since he always reads my scribblings and he always comments. He was one of the first people besides me who was reading, and his site was (I think) the first blog to add me to their blogroll. He could totally be a photographer for AP and he wears a bathrobe to Leafs games, no matter how sprung he gets. He's also a Leafs fan in the hockey hotbed of LA.

Thank you everyone who entered! You all rock! Don't forget Leafer madness starts on Wednesday! Thanks again all you for trying and stopping by!


Greener said...

That's awesome.

WufPirate said...

This is neat, but I was hoping to see your motivational strategy against the Canes tonight... or have you given up on the season?

Loser Domi said...

@greener: congrats!

@wufpirate: Thanks for dropping in--a little newer(er) blood is always nice. I haven't given up on the season yet, I'm just out of ideas. For the longest time I wore all blue and white for game days and that didn't work, so today it's red and black (including cable knit!! Greener knows)--like long distance reverse psych. I don't know if it'll work. I'm out of ideas, which sucks because the reverse psych was what kept me updating the blog every other day.


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