Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Your Obligatory Introduction Post

Hey, guys! The name’s Loser Domi. That's me last Halloween. Consider me you average slacker college student just trying to amuse herself on the Internet. I may seem random at times all while trying to be “cool” and “funny.”

A wee bit o’ bio information: I come from a small town (1000~1300 people) in Vermont and am now in a university in Québec studying for a degree which I will probably never use (French.) To quote a person much awesomer than I am:

Greetings, party people in the place to be! I am called [Loser Domi]! Hand over all your moneys in a paper and/or plastic bag!...Dudes, form a line to my right for high fives! Like I said, I'm [Loser Domi]. I've been described as cool, awesome, hot, video games…and real real hot.

Text stolen from: http://www.hrwiki.org/index.php/Strong_Bad . I hope they don’t mind. It isn’t stealing if I quote and give credit to the source, is it? Ah well…

For future reference, I will:

  • Post whenever I feel like posting
  • Curse like a sailor. FUCK YEAH!!
  • Use American and British spelling interchangeably
  • Use puns a lot. Hells bells, the blog's name is a pun.

I will not:

  • Post regularly. I may do a mess of posts one day and then not update for a week.
  • Engage in mindless team bashing, unless the team in question is the Boston Bruins. (I keed, I keed…or do I?)
  • Pose naked.
  • Be/act professional. I mean, come on—I’m just a college student writing this for shits and giggles, not a professional writer or graphic artist or whatever.
  • Provide any analysis you should listen to. I probably won’t provide anything new. Alex Ovechkin is a great player. This just in: water is wet and Napoleon was on the short side.

Here are some of the topics you can look forward to me writing about: hockey, losers, stupid people/things, movies my (lack of) artistic ability, my (lack of ) comedic material, rants, nerd jokes and reference, pretending to be other people, the list probably goes on…

So there you go. Have fun, kiddos.

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