Monday, November 8, 2010

Minor Malfunctions

OK, so here's the deal: I was hard at work trying to bring back a new LOLeafs post. But then, Blogger decided that they didn't want to let me upload photos. Who the hell would want to see silly pictures of the Maple Leafs with silly photos anyway. This, of course, is a huge setback in my quest to provide humor. In a normal filler post, this is where I'd find a picture of a bunny or something and post it as fluff...but Blogger has taken that away from me. Bastards. I mean, it's not like I've been a loyal user for 3 years or anything.

Instead, here's a great video about a depressed whale until I can actually write something


R.J. said...

Have you tried WordPress? I moved there permanently two years ago and I don't miss Blogger.

Hostpph said...

You could use another hosting site for the moment that blogger doesn't let you upload them.


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