Monday, November 29, 2010

Maple Leafs Chat: The Team Learns about Racial Sensitivity

***Welcome to the Official Chat Room of the Toronto Maple Leafs!***
So Coach, do you have any inspiration words for our next game?
I_Ron_Butterfly: Look, I’ve given all of you every motivational angle I can think of. I’ve tried every strategy the fan forums suggest sort of taking you all out back and shooting you in the face. All of you already know what I’m gonna say. So, I’m going to go home, drink this big bottle of aftershave, put on some Journey, and cry my eyes out. Later, bitches
***I_Ron_Butterfly has left the chat room!***
Oh, what the fuck?
NazDaq: Well, we can always try harder and make improvements and stuff, right?
KomiKazi: Right, but this recent streak is really damn depressing.
NazDaq: You know what always cheers me up? Tacos. Tacos rule.
KomiKazi: Tacos are awesome, aren’t they?
SonOfaMitch: Yeah, Kadri, you’d know, like, how to make the best tacos in the world, wouldn’t you?
NazDaq:..Wait, what?
SonOfaMitch: Well, don’t you people eat, like, lots of tacos and burritos and stuff?
KomiKazi: What the hell is going on?
NazDaq: What do you mean “you people”?
SonOfaMitch: You oughta know…Mexicans.
KomiKazi: What the hell?
NazDaq: Dude...what makes you think I’m Mexican? I’m not Mexican.
SonOfaMitch: Sorry if I was offensive, man. It’s just…sometimes I get Mexicans and Indians mixed up.
NazDaq: I’m not Indian either.
KomiKazi: He’s right. He likes steak and he doesn’t know shit about computers.
NazDaq: No, you guys. I’m Canadian and Lebanese.
SonOfaMitch: Lebanese? So uh….does that mean you have to, like, scissor? Or something?
NazDaq: What the hell is wrong with you?
KomiKazi: Nah, Johnny, you’re thinking of a lesbian. Not a Lebanese. Unless there’s such a thing as a Lebanese lesbian ….
SonOfaMitch: You mena like Selma Hayek?

NazDaq: Look, guys, I think I need to head out. Later.
KomiKazi: Later!
SonOfaMitch: Good luck with your, uh, softball?

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