Sunday, October 3, 2010

Maple Leafs Chat: Tuckered Out

BaadMuthaTucker: You know, I think it’s good for me to retire. Since I have the time, maybe I should make some amends with certain people…
***BaadMuthaTucker is calling PecaPickledPeppers!***
PecaPickledPeppers: Hello?
BaadMuthaTucker: Hey Mike, it’s…it’s Darcy. How’s it going?
BaadMuthaTucker: Darcy Tucker. We played on the Leafs a bit before you got injured again? I meant to hang out with you more, but then you got injured and we left for other teams, so I kind of lost contact.
PecaPickledPeppers: Uh, yeah…sure.
BaadMuthaTucker: Anyway, I figure since I’m retired now, I can finally bury some hatchets.
PecaPickledPeppers: wait, you’re retiring?
BaadMuthaTucker: Yeah, I figured it was about time. My back and knees and such couldn’t keep me going the way I wanted to.
PecaPickledPeppers YOU’RE complaining to ME about knees?
BaadMuthaTucker: Oh right, sorry. That was in bad tastes. So, uh…what are you doing now?
PecaPickledPeppers: I’m in broadcasting now. It’s OK. It’s a lot of work to do, but it’s exciting, I guess.
BaadMuthaTucker: Oh, neat! How is that going?
PecaPickledPeppers: The hardest part is only living on an apple, some rice, and unlimited black coffee a day.
BaadMuthaTucker: Why are you doing that? I’m pretty sure that’s anorexia, Mike.
PecaPickledPeppers: I gotta stay sharp for the camera. Did you know I weigh 125 pounds? God, I’m such a Fatty Fatkins McFatass.
BaadMuthaTucker: Holy shit, Mike. I’m not a doctor, but I’m really, really sure you need some sort of help for that. Are you sure you don’t want to play golf or something, just to talk?
PecaPickledPeppers: Listen, I uh, have to go. I think I broke my wrist…again. Talk to you soon?
BaadMuthaTucker: Any time you need to talk, Mike, I’m here.
PecaPickledPeppers: /hangs up
***BaadMuthaTucker is calling Tie_Fighter!***
BaadMuthaTucker: Tie! It’s Darcy! How’s it going?
Tie_Fighter: It’s fine, Darc. I’m keeping busy on Battle of the Blades and such.
BaadMuthaTucker: Is that the ice skating show like Dancing with the Stars?
Tie_Fighter: Pretty much. I’m kicking ass and taking names.
BaadMuthaTucker: Yeah, that sounds like the Tie I know! You want to go golfing or something?
Tie_Fighter: I dunno, I’m pretty busy…I guess I’ll have to do a raincheck.
BaadMuthaTucker: Nah, it’s ok. See you later!
Tie_Fighter: /hangs up
***BaadMuthaTucker is calling AveryGoodTime!***
AveryGoodTime: Hello?
BaadMuthaTucker: You’re a little shithead.
BaadMuthaTucker: /hangs up
BaadMuthaTucker: Man, that never gets old.


R.J. said...

I'm going to miss Tucker but I'll always have his jersey in my closet.

CGLN said...

This made my day.

Host PPH said...

Just the picture it says it all. It is the funniest pictures that they has taken.


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