Monday, August 9, 2010

What the HELL, Yahoo Answers?

OK, fine. I know what an intellectual abyss Yahoo Answers is. I'm fine with that.When I go there for kicks, I know I'm not getting the sharpest tools in the shed. But the two highlighted questions that are "related" questions to "A few Q's about the Leafs" has me wondering what the hell is going on. The whole million monkeys at a million typewriters hasn't churned out Hamlet yet, but frankly, I'm not surprised. Although, to be honest, I wonder if the "I wanna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I suck!?" is at all related to the question about Vesa Toskala signing in Sweden. I'd like to imagine it is, just for laughs.

And Y!A, how DARE you invoke the name of Two girls one cup in my hockey section! Especially with this winner of an answer:

no, this is a made up "video" that does not exisit, only in the imagination of the mind.
great internet hoax that people keep perpetuating. no one has seen it.

you should see "two guys one bottle". now THAT....
if it ever existed it would be on youtube and everyone would have a link.:)))

Le Bouchon, you're an idiot. But at least you're just one idiot in a sea of them, so you'll have plenty of company.


Swede said...

Nooooooo! No Vesa in Sweden - just a sick, twisted and extremely disturbing rumour. An EliteLeague-club lost it´s starting masked-man to an unfortunate doping *cough* accident. Sort of ....
The masked man or in this case boy, wanted to heal a bit faster after surgery and got himself some MeStrong&Big-pills and some time later found himself peeing in a little glass jar for testing purposes.
Not good.
And great blog btw! said...

It is quite impressive that they do kind of question in that part and the impressive part. It is that they are solved.


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